Volt Fitness/NeuroFit is all about helping kids who need it the most, both physically and mentally. When you attend either of our programs you can immediately recognize the passion we have for bringing out the best in each child. Our programs are created and run by experienced physical therapists who make the therapy FUN, while giving the kids a huge boost of self-confidence. The atmosphere we provide is always welcoming and friendly, where kids and parents feel included and part of the family.

Please check out both of our programs (Coordination and AdventureFit). You are always welcome to participate in a free trial class to see which program suits your child best.


Here's what our clients are saying about our kids' programs:

"The Coordination Program has been amazing for my son. He now enjoys playing sports with his friends and it is only getting better! Jon is an amazing trainer."   ~Jennifer

"Hi! I just wanted to let you both know that L. and I have been so happy with Volt Fitness and West Bergen Mental Health. We originally worked with Tom and Joe at Volt fitness to go through the approval process and now L. has been working out with Georgia for the last month, 3 days a week and she loves to go!  They are really special people!  They are kind, gently motivational and really love their jobs." ~ L.S.

"The Coordination Program has been such a great experience for M. Finally I found a program that helps my son with his coordination needs, gives him physical activity and best of all - HE WANTS TO GO EACH WEEK! Tom and the other therapists and trainers are so patient, kind, and have a clear understanding of M's physical as well as social/emotional needs. This program has been such a blessing to us. M also feels more confident in gym class, which was our main motivation to sigh up. However, his overall confidence has improved as well thanks to the staff and program at NeuroFit and VOLT FITNESS."
~ F.C.

"We are glad we found the Coordination Program for our son. He loves coming here. The therapists and trainers are friendly, the exercizes are fun and we see his coordination improving a lot. Highly recommend this program!" ~ A.K.

"The NeuroFit program has made a positive difference for our son and his ability to have friends. We could not say enough good things of the effort of the NeuroFit staff and particularly Tom in helping our son, progress in his physical ability and to learn to ride a bike. They are caring, knowledgeable, and experienced in working with children.

Our story is that our 11 year old son, could not, would not ride a bike. Any effort on our part, his parents, in helping him resulted in tears, frustration and disappointments for all. While this may seem small to some folks, it was a big impact as the boys my son desired to be with each rode bikes. He could not participate in their gatherings and this limited his social connections.

We joined the NeuroFit program with the goal of improving our son's coordination and overall physical fitness. In discussing this with Tom we shared that our son did not ride a bike. Tom replied 'send him with his bike and I will have him riding in no time'.

We were happily amazed as Tom worked with our son and in a few sessions our son was riding his bike. This has opened our son's world and he even rides his bike to school.

We are grateful to NeuroFit for their sincere desires, dedication and in working with our son to improve his life." ~ H.S.